We provide breathing space for visions where everything is possible – even the impossible.

Be ready for the future – or even help to shape that future.
Innovations need space. We are open to new ideas and therefore have plenty of room for all our employees to contribute new concepts. Any ideas, any suggestions are welcome at croso. Creative approaches delight and inspire us, give us the impetus to help shape the future.

Will we see handrail “collections” in the future?

Gibt es in Zukunft Kollektionen für Handläufe?

Will the handrails of the future be covered in coloured leather? Will the “collections” change in a similar way to the fashion scene? We eagerly await all the ideas we will have so that we can continue to inspire you in the future and tread new paths together with you.

What will the balustrade of the future look like?

What will the balustrade
of the future look like?

The balustrade of the future might be nothing more than an invisible force field. And handrails might no longer need to be fixed to the walls. Visions are there to be conceived. Because thoughts can also become reality. We look forward to taking part in the developments.

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