Glass balustrade systems

Our frameless glass balustrades are cantilevered from the base and ensure fall protection in accordance with typical calculations and a German National Test Certificate which satisfy the requirements for category A and B glazing to DIN 18008-4. There are no holes drilled in the panels and so they can be installed flush with the floor. This frameless system ensures maximum transparency. Our easy-to-install, modular system is available in straight or curved (concave or convex) forms and can also be supplied cut to bespoke dimensions (mitred as well) to suit customer specifications. The system consists of a single pane or a row of panes of glass fixed along their bottom edges by means of plastic clips fitted into a bottom rail. The bottom rail can be attached to the structure in different ways. Fitting to either the edge or the top of the floor is possible, with different heights. The bottom rail is fixed either directly to the concrete with screw anchors as covered by the typical calculations or by means of a support rail in steel or aluminium.

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