Curve Line

A round thing

CROSO offers with the curve line series another attractive application option for glazed balustrades. Curved balustrades installed in accordance with the National Test Certificate and typical calculations do not require any further approvals. Balustrades can be supplied in radii between R = 1,600 mm and R = 11,000 mm. Curve line balustrades are fixed with the bottom rails of the system 1.0 with untreated surface finish and are suitable for applications with loads of up to 1.0 kN/m.

End caps in untreated, anodised E2.0/EV6 and anodised with stainless steel look surface finishes are available for all the variations of the system 1.0, system 2.0 and curve line.


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Material - aluminium
Product range - 2 bottom rail sets
- 2 fascia strips
- matching curved handrail sets
Surface finishes - untreated
Applications - indoors
- outdoors
- for wind loads of up to 1.0 kN
Mounting options - top of floor
- edge of floor
Connection to structure - direct screw anchor
- screwed/bolted to supporting structure
Supporting structure - loadbearing concrete or steel structure
Scope of supply - complete set including all seals
Certificates - typical calculations
- German National Test Certificate
- verification of safety against thrown balls
Drainage - 4 drainage holes (Ø 5 mm) per metre (optional)
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Glass balustrade systems - catalogue 2018
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