Drainage solutions for frameless glass balustrades

We show water where to go

Rainwater and even snow can lead to considerable accumulations of water on terraces or balconies which can in turn cause moisture-related damage to the fabric of a building. However, properly designed drainage solutions can alleviate this problem. Systems specifically designed for draining rainwater, melting snow and condensation prevent areas becoming waterlogged and moisture infiltrating the fabric of a building.

The further development of our range of fascia strip products enables us to offer functioning drainage for the edge-mounted versions of our tried-and-tested frameless glass balustrade system 2.0 to complement the waterproofing by others.

Advantages of our system:

- Various surface finish options
- Installation requires access from one side only
- Specifically designed for draining rainwater, melting snow and condensation
- Prevents damage such as delamination of laminated safety glass and water infiltrating the fabric of a building

As usual, all bottom rails, support rails and fascia strips are supplied cut to length to suit your requirements with bespoke mitre cuts.

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