In spite of all transparency: Glass balustrades are not permeable to water.

And that can have destructive effects to areas with contact to the outside. Rainwater and snow can lead to considerable accumulations of water on terraces or balconies which can in turn cause moisture-related damage to the fabric of a building. However, properly designed drainage solutions can alleviate this problem. Systems specifically designed for draining rainwater, melting snow and condensation prevent areas becoming waterlogged and moisture infiltrating the fabric of a building.


Our Solution: The patented drainage solution

The further development of our range of fascia strip products enables us to offer functioning drainage for the edge-mounted versions of our tried-and-tested frameless glass balustrade system 2.0 to complement the waterproofing by others. Cover profiles are available in untreated, anodised E6/Ev1 and anodised with stainless stell look surface finishes.


Are you interested in finding out more about our drainage solution? In our Catalogue you will find all information including an assembly recommendation.

Of course, we will also be pleased to provide advice in this matter. Please call 02932 477-162 or send an E-Mail to

Katalog Entwässerungs-lösungen
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