Glass balustrade system 1.0

Variety and precision


  • for private and public area
  • with static calculation and general building test certificate according to DIN 18008-4
  • top- and sidemounting
  • assembly of glass has to be affected from the inside as well as from the outside
  • variable plug intervals
  • ready to assemble cut of profiles (straight / mitred)

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Material - aluminium
Product range - 3 bottom rail sets
- 3 fascia strips
- 5 end caps
Surface finishes - untreated
- anodised E6/EV1
- ground, anodised with stainless steel look
Applications - indoors
- outdoors
- for wind loads of up to 1.0 kN
Mounting options - top of floor
- edge of floor
Connection to structure - direct screw anchor
- screwed/bolted to supporting structure
Supporting structure - loadbearing concrete or steel structure
Scope of supply - complete set including all seals
Certificates - typical calculations
- German National Test Certificate
- verification of safety against thrown balls
Drainage - 4 drainage holes (Ø 5 mm) per metre (optional)
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Saw cuts, top mounted
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Saw cuts, side mounted
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Glass balustrade systems - catalogue 2018
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