Frameless glass balustrade system 2.0

The system 2.0 was specifically developed for carrying higher lateral loads applied to the top of the balustrade, i.e. for areas in which a significant number of people can congregate, and can also be fixed to the top or edge of a floor. Various support rails increase the options for mounting on concrete structures. So besides carrying higher loads, system 2.0 also offers more flexible connection options. The bottom rails of the system 2.0 are available with two surface finishes: untreated and anodised E6/EV1. Diverse fascia strips for top or edge of floor fixing options are available for this system.

The bottom rails of the system 2.0 include aluminium fascia strips for all edge or top of floor fixing combinations consisting of bottom rails and support rails. These are available with three surface finishes: untreated, anodised E6/EV1 and anodised with stainless steel look.

End caps in untreated, anodised E6/EV2 and anodised with stainless steel look surface finishes are available for all the variations of the system 2.0.

Material - aluminium
Product range - 8 bottom rail sets
- 6 fascia strips
- 8 end caps
Surface finishes - untreated
- anodised E6/EV1
- ground, anodised with stainless steel look
Applications - indoors
- outdoors
- for wind loads of up to 2.0 kN
Mounting options - top of floor
- edge of floor
Connection to structure - direct screw anchor
- screwed/bolted to supporting structure
Supporting structure - loadbearing concrete or steel structure
Scope of supply - complete set including all seals
Certificates - typical calculations
- German National Test Certificate
- verification of safety against thrown balls
Drainage - 4 drainage holes (Ø 5 mm) per metre (optional)
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Saw cuts, top mounted
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Saw cuts, side mounted
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Glass balustrade systems - catalogue 2018
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