Handrail systems with integral LEDs - a real hands-on experience

Handrail systems with integral LED lighting by Osram® represent an appealing alternative to conventional handrails. In addition to their safety function or aid to orientation, they combine a series of other requirements such as functional or decorative lighting, safety or orientation lighting, high energy efficiency and low maintenance. The need to invest in other lights can be reduced considerably or even eliminated.

Various design options and connections custom-made for your projects allow us to offer you a system that leaves nothing to be desired.

CROSO handrails are manufactured ready for assembly on site (multi-part handrails) and only need to be connected to the structure and the power supply.


Are you curious about our products? Here you find information and photos of selected reference projects.

Let yourself be inspired.

Material - stainless steel: V2A/V4A
- wood: beech, oak, ash (other species on request)
Product range - 6 straight handrail sets
- 2 curved handrail sets
- 6 support options (wall fixings, tubular posts)
- 15 Osram® LED lines (warm white, cool white, monochrome, RGB)
- 3 diffusers (clear, semi-matt, matt)
Surface finishes - stainless steel: ground/high gloss polish
- wood: painted/untreated
LED system - 24 V DC
- 120° beam spread
- IP67 degree of protection
- dimmable
- salt mist spray-resistant
- highly UV-resistant
- huge design freedoms thanks to flexible system with modules easily cut to size
- high-performance silicone for extremely good durability and flexibility
- divided into production batches to ensure tight binning (MacAdam step 3 at least)
Applications - indoors
- outdoors
- private and public buildings
Mounting options - top of floor on posts (horizontal and inclined)
- edge of floor
Power supplies - indoors
- outdoors
- light management
- emergency lighting
Forms - bespoke to customer specification
Scope of supply - supplied ready to connect to power supply by others

Emergency lighting

If the power supply fails in buildings, places of work or commercial premises, people quickly become disorientated. Therefore, emergency lighting to DIN EN 1838 is prescribed for many places where people work or congregate. Emergency lighting requires lamps that function independently of the mains supply.

croso handrails can be used as emergency lighting. Appropriate DC-compatible power units can be fed from the mains supply or a central emergency lighting battery. Alternatively, power units without a DC supply can be combined with a switching module that is fed from the central emergency lighting battery in the event of a power failure and converts the DC supply into the AC supply required by the power unit.

Both connection options provide the full light output.

LED Handrail Systems catalogue 2018
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