David Steps

croso solutions: beleuchteter Handlauf Architect: Architekturbüro Breimann & Bruun Landschaftsarchitekten Completion: 2010 Location: Hamburg

The David Steps are located in Hamburg’s St. Pauli district. In 2010 the steps were renewed to a design by landscape architects Breimann & Bruun. Their design was inspired by the giant container ships and their cargoes which arrive in and depart from Hamburg every day.

Davidtreppe - Ansicht von unten
Davidtreppe - Handlauf
Davidtreppe - Ansicht von oben

Seegarten Hotel

croso solutions: Ganzglasgeländersystem 2.0 Architect: Otte – Nöcker - Planung Completion: 2014 Location: Sorpesee

The Seegarten Hotel is a family business located in the picturesque Sauerland landscape between Sorpe Dam and the spa park at Langscheid. The design brief called for the hotel’s façade to harmonise with its surroundings.

Hotel Seegarten
Hotel Seegarten

Johannesbad Thermal Baths

croso solutions: beleuchtete Handlaufsysteme Architect: Architekturbüro Luehrs und Meisenberger Completion: 2014 Location: Bad Füssingen

Renovation work at the well-known Johannesbad Thermal Baths began in 2008. The aim of the work was to render the structure more open, more inviting.

Therme von Johannesbad
Therme von Johannesbad
Therme von Johannesbad

Gosch Restaurant

croso solutions: Handlaufsysteme Architect: Architekturbüro Schlums + Franzen Completion: 2012 Location: Sylt

The Gosch restaurant chain opened a new, exclusive restaurant on the island of Sylt in the North Sea in 2012. The great challenge of this project was to achieve harmony between the many visitors and the natural environment.

Restaurant Gosch
Restaurant Gosch

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